Japanese Candlestick Combinations on Forex: Trading Strategies "Dark Cloud" and "Piercing Line"
The more important reason for the somewhat ambiguous explanations has to do with the fact that technical analysis is more of an art than a science. You should not expect rigid rules with most forms of technical analysis - just guideposts. Steve Nison "Japanese candlestick charting techniques" Market analysis with
Forex Japanese Candlestick Patterns: Frypan Bottom and Dumpling Top
In this article, we will give an overview of two opposite Japanese candlestick patterns to enter Forex trades. Frypan Bottom (a buy signal).Requirements for the strategy: Timeframes: H1, H4, D1; Currency pairs: all available in the terminal; Conditions to enter: The pattern forms at the end of a downtrend.
Forex Trading Strategies: Tweezers Candle Pattern
This article will take a closer look at the Forex trading strategy using a combination of candles called "Tweezers". This combination includes only two candles having almost the same high or low levels. There are two kinds of formations: a bearish Tweezer Top and a bullish Tweezer Bottom. Note that
Forex Trading Strategies. Trading Chaos: Market Entry Rules
The trading strategy to be examined in this article has different names: “Trading chaos”, “Profitunity”, “Trading system by Bill Williams”, etc. We will refer to it as "Trading chaos". Requirements for the strategy:Timeframe: H1, H4, D1; Currency pairs: all available; Indicators: Awesome Oscillator (AO), Alligator, AC. The trading strategy
Forex Trading Strategies: Accurate Market Entry by Ichimoku Indicator
Ichimoku is a technical analysis indicator developed by a Japanese analyst Goichi Hosoda in the 1930s to better predict the direction of trends. Requirements for the strategy: • Timeframe: H1, H4, D1; • Currency pairs: all the pairs available in the terminal; • The strategy is suitable for medium-term or long-term trading. In
Entering Trade: RSI and Stochastic Indicators Strategy
Some traders prefer medium-term trading; some enter the market every day. The following strategy is suitable for the latter type of traders. Requirements for the strategy: Timeframe: M30, H1;Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY;Indicators: RSI (7) with levels at 70 and 30,
Parabolic SAR Multi-Time Frame Strategy in Forex
This multiple time frame strategy which is performed with the Parabolic SAR and other indicators is meant to use multiple time frames as a means of sifting the market signals, especially during a period of time when the market is sideways. IndicatorsAverage True Range (ATR)Parabolic SAR8-day simple moving average21-day
New York Breakout Strategy in Forex
The New York Breakout strategy is traded within the first hours of the New York forex time zone. It is meant to catch any big moves that occur between 1 pm and 3 pm GMT. The principle behind this strategy is to trade in the direction of where the market
MACD Trendline Break Forex Strategy
The essence of the MACD trendline strategy is to use the color-coded MACD histogram indicator as a basis of taking trades when there has been a break of the trendlines in a channel in the direction that is opposite to that of the trend. This is a measure of trend
MACD/EMA Forex Strategy
The strategy combines a customized MACD indicator with two exponential moving averages (EMAs). This strategy therefore combines a momentum indicator with a trend indicator. The moving averages will be used as support-resistance indicators while the MACD will be used to detect the trend change as well as momentum for the
MACD Convergence-Divergence Forex Strategy
The basis of the MACD divergence strategy is the fact that the MACD is a leading indicator which sometimes points to change in trend of price action, before the price action itself moves in the direction of the MACD indicator. There are two components of this strategy: the divergence and
Wedge/Triangle Breakout Strategy in Forex
This article covers Wedge/Triangle Chart Pattern Strategy, involving the trading breakouts of such chart formations as wedges and triangles. This strategy is perfectly suited to the entry-level traders since it is easy to apply and start gaining profit from Forex trading. Many traders stick to the Wedge/Triangle Breakout
Gartley Patterns Forex Strategy
The Gartley patterns are another Fibonacci ratios-based strategy that was described by H.M Gartley in 1935. The principles of this pattern can be found in his book published in that year titled “Trading Chaos”. Gartley patterns can also be described as the XABCD pattern, representing the 5 key points
Fibonacci Daily Chart Strategy in Forex
This Forex Fibonacci strategy which is exclusive to the daily charts is meant to show traders how to trade long term trade continuations following a profit-taking retracement. It is a complete FX strategy which uses the Fibonacci retracement tool for trade entry and the Fibonacci extension tool for trade exit.
Using the 1-2-3 Reversal Strategy in Forex
The 1-2-3 reversal pattern is a common chart formation that can be used in Forex, stock and futures trading alike. This strategy is deemed to have a strong revenue potential. Many traders use it to determine the precise trade entry and exit points. This formation scheme is of a general-purpose