1. How can I register with ForexGame?

If you have not registered with forex.game or fxopen.com yet, we can offer you to pass a light version of a live registration - Registration Lite. This registration allows you to open a real account with FXOpen and sign up with Forex.game at one time.

Follow the next steps to pass the registration:
  1. Select the preferred language and click the Sign Up link.
  2. Fill in the Personal Account Opening form.
    Be sure to read regulative documents and rules! Then select the I Agree check box and click Open eWallet and trading account.

Log in to Forex.game: enter login (e-mail which you indicated in the registration form) and password for FXOpen eWallet.

Note! Your trading account will be automatically added to the ForexGame User Profile as the account for transferring profit bonuses (if any gained in the contest). Learn more about the Registration Lite


2. I’m a newbie to ForexGame. How can I join a competition?

  1. Go to the Tournaments tab and choose a competition that suits you best.
  2. Click Join.
  3. Enter your e-mail and password for FXOpen ewallet.
  4. Click 'Log in' to join the contest.

Note! If you are going to join the contest with profit bonus, you should have a trading account (Micro or STP).


3. Where can I get the TickTrader trading platform (TT)?

Click the link below to download TickTrader.
Download TickTrader


4. What adjustments should I make to the TickTrader settings to take part in ForexGame contests?

  1. Run TickTrader.
  2. Select Login in the File menu.
  3. Then enter your Login, Password and Server address you can find in the letter that is emailed to you after you register for a competition.
  4. Click Login.


5. How do I know what competitions are available for registration now?

Go to the Tournaments tab. This tab displays all the competitions. Choose anyone from the 'Available' list to join it.


6. Who can invite me to join a competition? How can I accept an invitation?

The administrator or competition managers can send you an invitation.


7. I am in the list of participants, but I still don't have a demo account number. What shall I do?

It may happen if you were invited to take part in the competition but did not accept the invitation yet.
All you need is to accept the invitation or confirm your participation by clicking the Wish to Play button.


8. I enter my login and password in the TickTrader, but it says that my account is blocked.

Note, your demo account is active only during the competition you are participating in. You will not be able to log in to the competition before its start or after its finish.


9. I forgot password for my demo account. What should I do?

  1. Log in to your Profile.
  2. Go to the Statistics tab.
  3. Look through 'All my competitions' table and choose the competition you participate in.
  4. Click the demo account number.
  5. Click the button. You will be shown a detailed information on the account including login, password and server address.
Your password will be changed.
You will receive a new password for your competition trading account in a couple of minutes to your E-mail.


10. Can I create my own competitions?

No, only the Administrator and managers can create competitions.


11. What is a second level competition?

To take part in a second level ForexGame competition, traders must pay an entry fee. The amount of the fee is defined by the competition creator. The fee is charged automatically when you join a second level competition.

Make sure you have enough funds in your FXOpen eWallet. The money prize in a second level competition consists of the fees paid by all competitors and is usually bigger than prizes in first level (free) competitions.


12. How to deposit funds to be able to pay an entry fee?

Follow the next steps to deposit funds to your FXOpen eWallet:
  1. Log in to ForexGame Personal Area.
  2. Click Add Finds in the main menu.
  3. Choose one of the available payment systems and make a deposit. Learn more about payment services.


13. I do not want my first and last name to be displayed in the charts at ForexGame. Can I use my “Display name” instead?

  1. Log in to your ForexGame Profile and click ‘Personal info’.
  2. Select Display name in the 'Show me as' section.
  3. Click Save.

  4. Note, you can change your Display name with the help of our support center. Please, send us an e-mail to [email protected].


14. What is Rating? How is it calculated?

User’s rating consists of the following components: Wins, Losses, Total prize amount and Total Profit. Total Profit (%) is the main indicator of your success as a Trader. Total Profit determines your position in the Common Rating of all traders (players).

Every time you finish a competition you earn or lose Total Profit points. For example, if your account balance at the end of a competition is 20% more than the initial deposit, it means you earned 20 Total Profit points. And vice versa if your balance at the end of a competition is 25% less than the initial deposit, you lose 25 Total Profit points. In general, your Total Profit is the sum of the Profits and Losses (in percent) you made in each single competition in the past.
A trader took part in three ForexGame Competitions earned or lost the following amounts:
  • Competition 1: 20% of the initial balance;
  • Competition 2: 35% of the initial balance;
  • Competition 3: -25% of the initial balance.
It means that the Total Profit of this participant after the three competitions will be equal to: 20+35-25=30

15. What kinds of ratings does ForexGame have?

ForexGame has the following kinds of ratings:
  • The rating of the most popular competitions - based on the number of traders participating in a competition. The greater the number of participants, the more popular competition.
  • The rating of the most successful traders - one can find this rating in the Ratings tab on the homepage. See question #15 for details
  • The rating of the best trades - based on the profit gained at the trade closing.


16. What are the advantages of being a high-rated trader?

We may award high-rated traders with additional prizes and bonuses.


17. How can I track intermediate competition results?

  1. Go to the Tournaments tab.
  2. Choose a competition.
  3. Scroll down the page and find the Members list containing information on the users trade performance during the competition. Loading data can take some time, please, wait.
  4. Click a competition participant name to view his trading statistics.


18. How can I add an image to my profile?

  1. Log in to ForexGame Profile.
  2. Click the Edit link.
  3. Upload the image you want.
  4. Crop the image to suit the Profile best.
The avatar will be added.


19. When and how will I receive the money prize if I win a competition?

Your money prize will be transferred to your FXOpen Live account immediately after the competition winners are announced by the administrator, i.e. normally within 48 hours after the end of the competition.


20. What is the difference between the Money Prize and the Profit Bonus?

The Money Prize is transferred to your eWallet if you take a medal place in a contest. You can withdraw your Money Prize just after it was transferred to your eWallet.

The ForexGame Profit Bonuses are paid to those participants of a contest who made profit above a certain limit (set out in contest terms). The Profit Bonuses are transferred not to your eWallet directly, but to one of your trading accounts. Profit Bonus withdrawal conditions are set by the administrator and may vary.


21. Can I withdraw my money prize just after it has been transferred to my account?

The main prize below $1000.00 and all the other prizes can be withdrawn at any time.

The main prize above $1000.00 can be used ONLY for opening PAMM account. This amount can be withdrawn by the PAMM Manager after 3 months of trading and after making at least 60 trades in the PAMM ECN account or after making 120 trades in PAMM STP.*

The withdrawal procedure of the main prize may differ depending on the competition type. Please attend to the competition's restrictions and requirements.


22. What payment system should I use to withdraw prizes and/or profit bonuses?

Use any payment system available in your ForexGame Personal Area.
Be attentive to the competition conditions as there can be some limitations for money withdrawals.


23. How can I indicate or change trading account for the profit bonus to be transferred to?

  1. Log into your ForexGame Profile.
  2. Click Settings in the Profile menu.
  3. Check a trading account where to you want to load a profit bonus. Save your changes.


24. What other money prizes can I get in ForexGame?

You can find all the necessary information about competitions and current events in the ForexGame news tab (homepage).

In particular, you can participate in a new competition for traders “Test your luck! Hit the mark!” How to participate? You have to leave a message at FXOpen.com forum with your prediction for exchange quotation concerning the currency pair, mentioned in the competition. Prize: $30.00.

Also, we are glad to offer you our ForexGame partnership promotion. Anyone can earn real money bonuses for just re-posting announcements about the upcoming ForexGame competitions on other Forex web-sites.
Learn more information about ForexGame Promotion.


25. How can I join a free competition when I've got more than $1000 in prizes and bonuses?

If a trader receives more than $1000.00 in prizes and bonuses, he/she will be able to participate only in competitions with entry fee. To be able to join free competitions again he/she needs to deposit at least $500.00 to the trading account or FXOpen eWallet. For deposit, please use any available payment system or an external transfer.

Note! If the trader withdraws this deposit within less than 30 days of the deposit date, joining competitions free-of-charge will be prohibited for this trader.


26. What happens if a trader breaks the competition rules?

Any trader can be suspended from a competition for violation of the competition rules.


27. What is phone password?

Phone password is a word or a combination of words that is used to verify your identity if FXOpen staff member gives you a phone call. It is important to choose a phone password that is easy for you to remember.


28. I can not register. What should I do?

Please check if you have filled in all the required fields, including Phone password, and entered correct anti-spam code (captcha). If you still can not register:
  • The Display name you've chosen probably has been already used by one of our clients. Please, enter another Display name as it should be unique.
  • The indicated e-mail address have already been registered in our system. Please, check your inbox and spam folders for mails from [email protected] containing information about your registration. If you can't find the mails recover your password or register with another e-mail address.


29. I forgot password. What should i do?

Go to Recovery section of your ForexGame personal area. Choose password from the drop-down list. Enter your email registered in our system. Enter anti-spam code. Click Submit. Click confirmation link in the email from [email protected]. New password will be generated and sent to your email address.


30. I don't receive emails with account numbers and passwords for contests. What should i do?

Log in to your ForexGame personal area, select Profile → E-mail notifications, check the notifications you want to receive and slick Save.