ForexGame competitions rules

Attention: This competition is open to clients of FXOpen International (FXOpen Markets Limited).

A Forex Traders Competition is a type of activity, when participants, having equal time limits and rules, compete against each other in Forex trading.

Trading is performed in a Demo account. So, traders do not bear the risk of losing real money. What is more, they have a chance to win real money prizes.
Competitions can be created by the ForexGame Administrator or Manager.

General rules:

  1. Anyone who is interested in Forex trading aged 18 and older can participate in ForexGame competitions.
    Please, note that in accordance with the Company’s policy we do not accept residents of the USA as participants.
  2. Only registered users can join any available ForexGame competition. How to register?
    To be able to withdraw funds (prizes/ bonuses) your FXOpen main account must be verified.
  3. Trading is performed via the TickTrader terminal in FXOpen Demo accounts. Download TickTrader
  4. At the end of any competition FXOpen pays prizes and/or bonuses to the most successful traders.
  5. The Administrator or the Manager can set specific rules or limitations for each separate competition.
  6. Registration for a competition, as well as the competition itself, lasts for a certain period of time.

Competition regulations:

  1. There can be 2 types of competitions:
    a) competitions with free participation;
    b) competitions where traders need to pay an entry fee to join.
  2. At the start of a competition all participants get demo accounts with the same initial balance and leverage.
  3. Competition rules also specify the following aspects of trading:
    a) the list of available trading instruments;
    b) the minimum and the maximum lot size and the maximum number of orders;
    c) the use of automatic trading (expert advisors), allowable trading strategies (hedging, scapling, etc);
    d) the amount of prize funds and their distribution (number of prize places, prize amounts).

Prizes and bonuses in ForexGame:


  1. The winner of any ForexGame competition gets a real money prize.
  2. There can be several prize places in a competition.
  3. The prize for the 1st place will be transferred to the winner’s FXOpen trading account, as a rule, within 48 hours of the end of the contest.
  4. Money prizes received in the "CryptoMania" competitions can be used ONLY for opening Crypto account and can't be withdrawn.
    But the gained profit can be withdrawn at any moment of time.
  5. By participating in "Forex School", a user can receive a PAMM STP account once. Only profit can be withdrawn from this PAMM account.
  6. Prizes for the winners оf the FXOpen TickTrader Challenge will be added to their FXOpen TickTrader account.


  1. If a trader receives more than $1000.00 in prizes and bonuses, he/she will be able to participate only in competitions with entry fee. To be able to join free competitions again he/she needs to deposit at least $500.00 to the trading account or FXOpen main account. For deposit you are free to use any available payment system or external transfer.
  2. If the trader withdraws this deposit ($500.00) within less than 30 days of the deposit date, joining competitions free-of-charge will be prohibited for this trader.
  3. ForexGame Administration has the right to void a prize or a bonus if the trader does not follow the rules of withdrawing prizes and bonuses.
    For example, a prize can be voided if the trader does not follow the rule of making a certain number of forum posts before withdrawing.


  1. It’s prohibited to provide unreliable personal information.
  2. It’s prohibited for one and the same trader to participate in a competition on several accounts from one IP address, as well as, to use other traders' accounts.
  3. It’s prohibited to copy other participants’ trading strategies in a competition.
  4. It’s prohibited for relatives to trade in one competition using one and the same IP address.
  5. It’s prohibited to use automated trading strategies (unless otherwise specified in a competition rules).

If a trader violates minor rules he/she will be disqualified from participating in a competition. In this case, one must pay some penalties to be able to join any other new competition.
Frequent rules violations or major violations can lead to a trader’s account block. In this case, all the prizes and bonuses gained in a competition will be annulled.

Additional terms:

When a contest is over all your open positions may be closed with a certain delay, and the close price may differ from the one as of the end of the competition. The delay may take a period of from a couple of minutes up to several hours and mostly depends on the number of open positions. It is because the open trades are closed one after another, not simultaneously.

In case of postmarket trading (after Friday midnight), an open position will be closed at the last valid rate before the market closing.
Thus you may either advance or lose your profit. Please mind the above mentioned when making your decision whether to close your trades in time or try your luck and wait for the trades to be closed automatically.

FXOpen has a right to disqualify participants for rules violations to change/amend competition requirements in its discretion.

If you have any further questions on the Competitions Rules, please contact us by [email protected] or use our Live Support service.