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Forex contests website is over 6 years old. During this time, more than 25 thousand traders managed to evaluate all the advantages of competitions on demo accounts.
They include:
  • A wide variety of Forex contests: weekly and monthly contests, championships, cryptocurrency contests. Everyone could find something to his taste;
  • Every month we give away about $5,000 — these are prizes and cash bonuses on real accounts. Both are withdrawable;
  • The most successful traders become owners of PAMM accounts with large balances;
  • We offer our own affiliate and bonus programs;
  • The project format allows you to increase your trading experience, test strategies and maximize your experience in the field of trading.
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"I would wish the newcomers never give up and despair, not be afraid to make mistakes and lose, and also learn from their mistakes. It does not work for someone who is afraid to try, make mistakes and fail. And also — never be guided by emotions in trading. I believe that this will definitely help to achieve success in trading."

Vladislav Dobrovolski,

Winner of the Moldova Forex Championship.

Project News
New Money Managers Contest
FXOpen invites traders to participate in the Money Managers Contest involving real and active PAMM accounts. Don’t miss your chance to win a big money prize out of the 10,000 USD pool! The Contest starts on January 3, 2022. Registration will be open for the next 2 months,
Trading schedule for the 2021-2022 Winter Holiday period
Dear Traders, Please be aware of the trading schedule changes for the 2021 Christmas and New Year holiday period (all times are GMT+2): Thursday, December 23Indices: #ESX50 (Europe 50) — trading ends at 23:00#GDAXIm (Germany 30) — trading ends at 23:00.Friday, December 24Commodities CFDs: XBRUSD (UK Brent)
Results of The Money Managers Contest Announced
On November 28th, 2021, FXOpen ended its Money Managers contest where real Forex PAMM accounts competed against each other.
Trading Hours Schedule for 2021 Thanksgiving Day
Dear Traders, Please be aware of the trading schedule changes for the 2021 Thanksgiving Day, November 25-26 (times given are GMT+2): Thursday, November 25Metal CFDs: XAUUSD (GOLD vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:00XAGUSD (SILVER vs. US dollar) — trading ends at 20:00Commodities CFD: XBRUSD (UK Brent) — trading
Comming soon...
Powerful tournament on TickTrader NET accounts
FXOpen Announces the Results of Classics without Borders Contest
"Classics without Borders", a free trading contest for demo accounts, ended on December 24. For four weeks, more than 500 participants were actively competing for the prize fund of 1,500 USD. So, we have received the results of the contest and present the winners to you: We congratulate the
Setting FXOpen Servers To Winter Time
Dear Clients, Please note that on November 7, 2021, FXOpen will set its trading servers to winter time, i.e., from GMT+3 to GMT+2. The changes are to come into effect at the time of market opening on Monday, November 8, 2021. On crypto accounts where trading is
Join free contest Forex School
February 4, 2019 Forex Game launches a free educational contest on demo accounts “Forex School”. Everyone can participate the competition. Don't miss an opportunity to become one of 16 winners and get a money prize. Registration is already open! JOIN THE CONTEST Conditions of the contest:Participation:free;Dates:February
Japanese Candlestick Combinations on Forex: Trading Strategies "Dark Cloud" and "Piercing Line"
The more important reason for the somewhat ambiguous explanations has to do with the fact that technical analysis is more of an art than a science. You should not expect rigid rules with most forms of technical analysis - just guideposts. Steve Nison "Japanese candlestick charting techniques" Market analysis with
Forex Japanese Candlestick Patterns: Frypan Bottom and Dumpling Top
In this article, we will give an overview of two opposite Japanese candlestick patterns to enter Forex trades. Frypan Bottom (a buy signal).Requirements for the strategy: Timeframes: H1, H4, D1; Currency pairs: all available in the terminal; Conditions to enter: The pattern forms at the end of a downtrend.
Forex Trading Strategies: Tweezers Candle Pattern
This article will take a closer look at the Forex trading strategy using a combination of candles called "Tweezers". This combination includes only two candles having almost the same high or low levels. There are two kinds of formations: a bearish Tweezer Top and a bullish Tweezer Bottom. Note that
Forex Trading Strategies. Trading Chaos: Market Entry Rules
The trading strategy to be examined in this article has different names: “Trading chaos”, “Profitunity”, “Trading system by Bill Williams”, etc. We will refer to it as "Trading chaos". Requirements for the strategy:Timeframe: H1, H4, D1; Currency pairs: all available; Indicators: Awesome Oscillator (AO), Alligator, AC. The trading strategy
Forex Trading Strategies: Accurate Market Entry by Ichimoku Indicator
Ichimoku is a technical analysis indicator developed by a Japanese analyst Goichi Hosoda in the 1930s to better predict the direction of trends. Requirements for the strategy: • Timeframe: H1, H4, D1; • Currency pairs: all the pairs available in the terminal; • The strategy is suitable for medium-term or long-term trading. In
Entering Trade: RSI and Stochastic Indicators Strategy
Some traders prefer medium-term trading; some enter the market every day. The following strategy is suitable for the latter type of traders. Requirements for the strategy: Timeframe: M30, H1;Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY;Indicators: RSI (7) with levels at 70 and 30,
Parabolic SAR Multi-Time Frame Strategy in Forex
This multiple time frame strategy which is performed with the Parabolic SAR and other indicators is meant to use multiple time frames as a means of sifting the market signals, especially during a period of time when the market is sideways. IndicatorsAverage True Range (ATR)Parabolic SAR8-day simple moving average21-day