FXOpen is happy to announce FXOpen TickTrader - Catch ZERO Spreads Contest - Season 15.

Dear Forex traders,

FXOpen is happy to announce FXOpen TickTrader - Catch ZERO Spreads Contest - Season 15.

How to take part?

You have to catch a ZERO spreads screenshot and submit it by posting your entry into the contest thread on the forum. Note that the screenshot must be of a TickTrader terminal. The screenshot must also be shared via any social network and the sharing link given below the screenshot.

TickTrader is a brand new trading platform which allows clients to trade five of the most popular asset classes — forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies — via one trading account.

What's the prize?

There are 11 main prizes in the competition, making a total of USD220:

  • 1 st place – USD60
  • 2 nd place – USD40
  • 3 rd place – USD25
  • 4 th place – USD20
  • 5 th place – USD15
  • 6 th place – USD10
  • 7 th place – USD10
  • 8 th place – US$10
  • 9 th place – US$10
  • 10 th place – US$10
  • 11 th place – US$10

Only those who comply with all the rules of the competition will receive the prizes:

  1. Maximum number of zeros on the screenshots.

  2. Maximum number of screenshots (limit is one screenshot per day).

  3. Maximum re-post of screenshots on social networks.

  4. Added points for Negative Spreads.

  5. Prizes are credited to FXOpen's TickTrader and can be withdrawn if the withdrawal conditions are met: for every $2 of the prize, one needs to make 1 deal (+/- 40 points). The minimum number of transactions is 5.

  6. All members of the FXOpen forum are eligible to take part in the contest.

  7. The contest is open to clients of FXOpen International (FXOpen Markets Limited).

  8. If you do not have a FXOpen forum account, you can create a new forum account by signing up.

What's the deadline?

The contest will run from December 01st, 2023 till December 31 th, 2023.

The results of Season 14 are here.

The results of previous seasons are here:

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