The Interview with the Best Chinese Trader

Chinese Forex Championship, which was held at ForexCup, became an important event for the whole Forex community. The great prizes and bonuses from FXOpen, lots of participants convenient contest conditions and time period made it the key conversation topic all over the world.

No doubt, the name of the winner set curiosity agog. Finally, the name of the Best Chinese Trader became known – it is Chuan Feng Lin. Over the 8 trading weeks he made a 1060% profit. This outstanding result provided the leader with the honorable title, US$ 3000 as the main prize and the cash bonus in his real account.

ForexCup Team was lucky to ask the leader a few questions. In the interview you can find out the winner’s attitude towards trading, some secrets of his strategy and the reasons that pushed him to participate in the tournament.

1.Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?
My name is Chuan Feng Lin, I am 40 years old. I live in China, in Ping Tan. I am married. I work in the seafood industry.

2.Do you have your personal “way in Forex”? Could you please describe what your first incentive for trying Forex trading was? What did you start with? Do you remember your first trade?
I started my trading career in 2012, not so long ago. So, I can’t consider myself as a very experienced trader. I started from a pure interest in the growing Forex market – as many other people did, I think. Unfortunately, I do not remember the very first trade because I made hundreds of them.

3.Do you have someone or something encouraging you to upgrade your trading skills day by day?
Actually, not. I am fully self-taught. I am working out my trading skills without any external stimuli. My progress is one of my main goals.

4.What is trading to you: the main source of income or just a nice pastime, which helps you earn some money? Are you fully devoted to trading?
Forex is not the main source of my income. I would say that I enjoy trading, develop my skills and sometimes get some profit.

5.Do you trade in a real account? Are you successful in it?
I haven’t trade in a real account yet. It seems to be one of my plans for the nearest future.

6.How did you learn about ForexCup? Have you ever tried participating in other Forex-contests held by different brokers?
One day I came across the ForexCup ads somewhere in the Internet. At that time I had already got some contest experience from other projects.

7.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ForexCup competitions? What can you offer to change or improve?
From my point of view ForexCup holds excellent trading contests. One of the main advantages is sizeable prize and bonus funds – usually they are much bigger than sums offered by other companies.

8.Let’s pass to the Championship you won. What did you feel when you gained the victory?
I should say that several times I was really close to the victory but I had never won before. So, at the end of the Championship I was very happy and excited.

9.There are lots of traders in China – so, how did you decide to participate in the contest with so many competitors?
I didn’t hesitate at all and easily joined the Championship. No matter how trivial it is but the main thing for me is participation, I was not worried about the scale of the contest.

10.Did you have any particular strategy at the beginning of the contest or did you work it out on the spot?
I didn’t have any prepared strategy. All my steps were based on the current market situation.

11.How can you describe you trading decisions? Were they carefully thought over of spontaneous?
Most of my trading decisions were carefully considered and weighted. But I also took risk.

12.What was your favorite trading instrument in the Championship? And what tools do you generally prefer?
I prefer non-USD pairs, because they volatile and show interesting dynamics.

13.Did you follow the results of your competitors? Were you scared of someone’s results? Or did you feel confident and relaxed?
I didn’t follow the results of other contestants. I tried to do my best and was totally concentrated on that task.

14.What do you feel now when you are the Best Chinese Trader? Are you proud of yourself? Does the title motivate you to go ahead and upgrade your trading skills?
I should say that I am very proud of my results. Right now I am as motivated to move forward as never before.

15.You’ve got a PAMM ECN account a sizable deposit in it as a reward – are you excited to start your PAMM manager career or would you prefer a money prize only?
Honestly, I would take “live” money as, I am sure, many other people would.

16.How do you plan to manage your PAMM ECN account?
I want to develop the account so that it could help me make profit. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to become a good PAMM Manager.

17.Are you going to participate in other forex-contests again, after being awarded such a great title?
Yes, sure! Right now I believe in myself I have all chances to win again.

18.Could you please give some tips to newbies and to all those still planning to join ForexCup contests?
Develop your skills, believe in yourselves and you will definitely win! Good luck!

The Best Chinese Trader has once again proved the fact that self-confidence and determination are enough to achieve your goal and become the winner. Leave your doubts and you will succeed!