Get a Silver Bullion Coin!

FXOpen is happy to announce a special prize draw for a limited edition commemorative Silver Bullion Coin decorated with the company’s logo. The draw is held in the period from February 23rd through May 3rd.

Any client, who holds a minimum of US$200 deposited in total in his/her FXOpen trading accounts, automatically enters the draw.

50 Lucky Coins in 10 Weeks

Each working day a silver coin of 1.00 troy oz is raffled off and delivered to its new owner. The winners are selected randomly.

The names of the winners are published in the daily reports on the corporate blog. The weekly list of winners is available in the “News” section of FXOpen official website:

FXOpen Lucky Coin Draw

The draw for the special FXOpen Coins is held alongside a few other promo campaigns launched by FXOpen. With the incentive for new PAMM Providers, FXOpen removes the obligatory deposit of US$1,000 and US$5,000 to create a new PAMM Offer.

Thus, you get improved trading conditions without extra payments. As part of the No‐Commission Deposits campaign, you can add funds to your FXOpen account and save from 0.5 to 6% commission – it will be covered by FXOpen.

Check it out for yourself! You are most welcome to partake of our special offers to explore FXOpen’s trading environment and win an FXOpen limited edition Silver Bullion Coin!

*If you have less than the total of US$200 in your trading accounts, you can top up your FXOpen balance without commission charges.