The Interview With The Sheik’s Treasure Winner

Joint ForexCup and FXOpen contest “The Sheik’s Treasure” has recently come to an end. Hundreds of traders from all over the world joined our contest on demo-accounts for prizes and bonuses. Every participant did their best to demonstrate excellent trading skills and proficiency in implementing trading strategies.

Ihsan Adly Ritong, a trader from Indonesia, showed the best result in the competition and thus became a leader. He won USD 1,050 in our contest. The trader managed to increase his balance 16 times from the initial deposit of USD 5,000 to USD 79,000 - it’s a 1600% profit! We asked the winner of the contest to share his view on the Forex market and give some trading tips to Forex newbies.

1) Can you tell us a little few words about yourself?

My name is Ihsan Adly Ritong, I’m from Indonesia. I’m a person who wants to be really successful in forex trading.

2) How long have you been on forex trading?

About 3 years of active forex trading

3) From your view, what’s your best source for getting knowledge for successful forex trading?

My main source of information is Google. I just google everything I need to know for a particular trade

4) Which are you a full-time or part-time trader? Is forex trading your main source of income?

Forex trading isn’t yet fully my main source of income.

5) Do you have transaction in real account?

Yes, I have an FXOpen ECN trading account.

6) How do you find about the ForexCup contest? What are the pros and cons of the ForexCup competition that you can explain?

From Google. Everything was good during the contest, can’t name any downsides

7) Is this your first Forex contest?

No, it’s not, I have already participated in some.

8) Can you tell us a little about your strategy?

First of all, I use technical analysis in each of my trade.

9) How can you explain your trading decision? Is it carefully thought out or spontaneous?

My trading decisions are mostly based on graph movements. I attentively monitor graphs and catch fluctuations.

10) What are your favorite trading instruments on this Championship?

My favorite trading instrument during “The Sheik’s Treasure” was XNGUSD (Natural Gas/US Dollar)

11) Can you give some advice to all the newbies in Forex?

  • Increase to googling trading methods

  • Always correct the results of trading

  • Never give up

12) What is your opinion about cryptocurrency trading? Do you trade on cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency technical analysis is the same as forex trading, but I don't understand the news that has an effect on cryptocurrency trading.

13)Are you going to participate in another forex contests again?

Yes, I’am. Forex contests are an excellent source to gain trading experience and test your strategy.

Once again we want to congratulate Ihsan and thank him for being so kind to answer all of our questions!

Follow our updates! Soon there will be new interesting competitions held for both beginners and professionals.