Forex Finals: New ForexCup Tournament on Live Accounts

In the search for talented PAMM Providers, ForexCup launches new tournament with PAMM Account with US$5000 deposit as the main prize.

What is Forex Finals?

Forex Finals is a long-term ForexCup tournament on Live accounts. The tournament is a kind of trading exams that allow the participants to assert themselves as professional traders.

A trader who managers to pass all the exams – get the highest score in the tournament – will graduate as an Ultimate Champion and become PAMM ECN Provider with FXOpen.

Forex Finals Tour 1 - FX Contest on Live Accounts 2015

Main conditions of Forex Finals:

  • 6 tours.
  • 1 tour = 4 weeks.
  • 1 time application. The contestants participate in each new tour automatically. Today we welcome you in the first tour of “Forex Finals” competition.
  • No restrictions! The participants are allowed to use any trading instruments available on FXOpen STP accounts. Any trading strategies, Expert Advisors, autotrading, hedging, scalping are permitted.

Go to the ForexCup forum to get the detailed information on the Forex Finals terms or keep reading about the first round.

Tour I

Today we welcome you to join the first tour of Forex Finals. The competition kicks off on February 16. The prize fund of the round is US$1300. The winner gets PAMM STP with US$1000 deposit. The contestants to finish in the second and third places will get US$200 and US$100 accordingly.

The winners will be determined based on the total amount of the points received during the tournament. The participants get points according to the following system:

  • 1 place – the maximum profit received – 25 points;
  • 2 place – 18 points;
  • 3 place – 15 points;
  • 4 place – 12 points;
  • 5 place – 10 points;
  • 6 place – 8 points;
  • 7 place – 6 points;
  • 8 place – 4 points;
  • 9 place – 2 points;
  • 10 place – 1 points.

Prove that you are ready to pass your trading exam and become a successful PAMM Master! Join the competition!